We finally have the release of the wonderful Wil Bolton album ‘Bokeh’ due this Friday. You can now stream the entire album on our Bandcamp page, as well as order the digital and physical editions of the album through various stores (see the bottom of the release page for more information). We also have a little microsite with more information as well. Between his recent visit to Tokyo and back to London, Wil very kindly took time out to talk to us about ‘Bokeh’ among other things. You can read the interview here. Thanks so much. More to follow this week :)

Here’s a video by Wil for the title track from the album.

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We did this all a bit quietly for our anniversary, and more recently in Japan…the final prints are now in for Sept :)

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UK shows

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the shows at Oto and Fuse - awesome time the last few days and now finally home. Can’t believe how packed Oto was!!!!! Thanks again xxxx

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March 21st (morning GMT) UPDATE: 

So the day is finally here! After just flying into London from Tokyo, we now await the imminent arrival of the Gurun Gurun boys from Czech Republic, Gareth Davis from the Netherlands, Ithaca Trio from Leeds, and Gideon Wolf, Ekca Liena and Christopher Hipgrave from Brighton! Yatta! It is going to be a great night and we just can’t wait. To pre-order tickets (up until 8pm) which come with the Prototypes CD, as well as a free extra ;) please go here:


Alternatively there will be tickets on the door for just £5! Bargain! I understand there might be some birthday cake going around as well which is very nice indeed :) Thanks so much and look forward to seeing some of you tonight! Woohoo! x Ian and Ben


Oh and just quickly, the Elements CD’s / series are now available in our Bandcamp store for pre-order! Here is the link to the series which you can also follow through to check out the individual ‘elements’ :)


And here’s the full line-up:

Clem Leek | Melodía | ghost and tape | Olan Mill | Islands Of Light | Isnaj Dui | The Inventors Of Aircraft | Elian | Ithaca Trio | Nils Quak | The Green Kingdom | birdt

Darren McClure | David Wenngren | Gurun Gurun | Maarit Maaja | Piiptsjilling | Tobias Hellkvist | Nicolas Bernier | y0t0 | René Margraff | Wil Bolton | Wraith vs Wrath | Spheruleus | Tsutomu Taiti | Steinbrüchel | Stefano Guzzetti

From the Mouth of the Sun | Segue | Polar M | Yann Novak | Hannu Karjalainen | Ten and Tracer | Taishi Kamiya | Quinn Walker | Matteo Uggeri (with Enrico Coniglio and Gaia Margutti) | Part Timer | Marsen Jules | Cookson | Spheruleus | Chronovalve

Ruhe | offthesky | dot tape dot | Ekca Liena | Ed Hamilton | Astrïd | Federico Durand | Fabio Orsi | The Frozen Vaults | Isan | Philippe Petit | Gareth Davis | Giulio Aldinucci

Slowcraft | The Sly and Unseen | Autistici | Pleq and Giulio Aldinucci | Remote_ | Hideki Umezawa + Shohei Amimori | Elite Gymnastics feat. Natalie Bootleg | Dorosoto  | Le Berger  | Dom Mino’ | wndfrm | Danny Norbury

Thank you x

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